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October 26, 2005

Talking to God

Tonight I sat there listening to someone tell me that if someone tells him that God told them to do something he runs far away from them. I didn't tell him that God told me to sit there chatting with him and another friend until 2:10am. It seemed like a good idea to listen to God when he told me to do it. Now I'm tired. But I'm glad I did. I learned a lot and got to know my friends better than I ever would have had I not stuck around. I also shared my friendship with them. It was worth it. How can we claim to know God if we can never converse with God? Can we believe that God exists without believing that God can and does talk to us?

Posted by carl1236 at October 26, 2005 11:59 PM | Knowing God


can i ask how can some1 listen to god,do u hear a voice,does it take practice how?

Posted by: iw at November 27, 2005 2:52 PM

How many ways can God talk to us? God can talk to us using any means of communication at God's disposal, that God is capable of, which is all ways. God speaks through images, dreams, voices, other people, direct thoughts, the radio, the TV, angels, books, the bible, the Koran, the Pali canon, animals, music, our hearts and on and on and on. God speaks to us through all of our senses, sight, hearing, feeling, etc. God is always speaking to us and has never stopped speaking to us. But we often don't hear or purposefully shut God out for our own desires. At times our thoughts are clouded by our own drives and ambitions.
We learn to listen to God by first wanting to. Then paying attention to our hearts. God is Love. Really. In so many cases God prompts us to make choices that are based in love. Thinking about communication between two people who love each other, we know we have to communicate with each other in order to have that relationship don't we? Communication is always two-way, otherwise it's not really communication and there is no relationship. We have to work on developing our relationship with God too. In developing relationships we are building trust and sharing our inner thoughts and dreams with God and God is sharing with us the same. Relationships take constant work to build and develop. To 'hear' God speaking to us, we start by getting to know God and learning to trust what God is telling us.
Truth is, that I still do not always listen to God, because many times it's not the easy way and it requires action on my part. For instance on the bus once, I prayed and asked God to help a person on the bus that was having a lot of problems. Then God told me immediately in my thoughts, "That's why you are here at this exact moment, now what are you going to do to help him?" And then I had to think about how I could help. I didn't want to think about how I could help, I was asking God to help him. I felt bad for him and thought I should do something but didn't want to get involved. And God replied, "I am helping, that's why you are here, right now." Wow, so I became afraid to talk to God sometimes, haha because it might include involvement with other people. But the more I love God the more I love other people also, so I listen, see, hear, feel, and know more and trust what God is saying to me. I know it in my heart and soul. You know, if it effects the heart and creates more love toward other people, then it's most likely God speaking to you. If it is using fear, it's probably not God. It's more likely our own voice we are listening to.
This is only a start though. But I think you are already talking to God and able to know God's voice in heart and mind. It's that 'knowing' you have when you make choices and that 'Peace' inside that you have when you ask for help. That is all part of who you are.

Posted by: John at November 27, 2005 11:18 PM

yeah kinda makes sense,did u ever not believe in god or have doubts,like was there a starting point for ur beliefs or were they always there,are u happy?content with wat god has provided,honestly,i dont mean to be annoying,just curious

Posted by: iw at December 5, 2005 10:44 AM

If not being content equals feeling sorry for myself, then yes, I'm content. In the past I've felt sorry for myself, as if the whole world was against me. This is one attitude that is good to drop. It's not very healthy.
Also there came a point where I no longer needed to compare myself with others. When we compare ourselves to others we enter into a game of thinking we are better or worse off than someone else. That's not very healthy either for me. I tend to look at my life as a whole, in it's entirety, as it is. I think, "I exist, this is who I am, now what?" I cannot take back my birth or the circumstances I was born into. I can accept it and live my life the best I can. I don't feel like I've been cheated or like I am missing anything because I am who I am and there is no point to feeling sorry for myself or wishing that it wasn't so.
Have I always been this way? I think when I was younger, and things were kind of rough in our family, I wished I was not living at home. I tried to run away when I was in 6th grade. I ended up at my grandpas house and he let me spend the night with him. He didn't get on my case or anything, just played cards with me and put me to bed like it was totally natural that I was at his house. I hated my parents then. That's not the case now though. Then there was a point when I was about 25 that I wanted to kill myself. I was depressed and could not see any hope for a future. But there were many things that led to changing my thoughts and my heart.
We are human and have emotions, troubles and challenges. We are capable of great sorrow, great joy and everything inbetween. I guess the difference now is that I do not 'suffer.' About 4 or 5 years ago, I was sitting on the patio behind my house meditating and I asked God to transform me and to 'enlighten' me, let me know the truth about life. And that is really when my life began to change. Everything about my own attitude was being revealed to me. It was Not about other people, but about myself and my relationship with God. One of the first things that began to change, is that I was much kinder to myself and began to stop sabotaging myself and stop degrading myself. There were many other things that happened to me also, like becoming more aware of God's presence in other people. Even writing every day in this blog, there is a lot more to tell. But this is the start. I think what most people want in life is to be happy and to feel like they make a difference. I feel both. I'm still learning but now at the core I love God with my whole being, and love other people more than I ever thought I could and love life. Yes, I'm changed from who I was when I was younger, but I recognize that I'm still changing. There should be joy and hope in life. Sometimes through our struggles we cannot see any joy or hope. But there is, and I've found it's in the process of living and getting to know God. I hope that answers your questions sufficiently. I'd be happy to keep talking about this.

Posted by: John at December 5, 2005 11:09 PM

thank you for answering my questions.Do u believe in the Bible,wat it stands for,surly a book that old would have lost alot of its relevence,or do u just believe it can be used as a teaching tool.Do u believe in Genisis,like how God created the world in 7 days,again im sorry for questioning your beliefs?Im just interested in other peoples thoughts on these subjects,also i came across this site completely by chance,i think i pressed the wrong link.

Posted by: iw at December 6, 2005 9:01 AM

I believe in the "Living Word of God." If you are unfamiliar with that phrase I am referring to the spirit of God that is the word that speaks to us. This means the word of God cannot be static like a printed book and it also means that God's words are a conversation that is part of our relationship.
Inspiration and change can come from many sources, if we are looking for inspiration and change. If we are looking for fault, we will find fault. That is true with any religios text, religion or even people. Is that God's will or intent in the Bible, the Pali Cannon or the Kuran? Finding fault in others and using a text for our own desires is a purely human intention, not God's. The relevence is in how we can use any information we come across to make us better people. There are millions of people who have found relevence for modern life in the living word of God. That is the Spirit of God talking through the pages of the bible, through religious texts and through the teachings of Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, Pastors, Priests, monks, etc. Yes the bible has relevence and the only time the relevence is gone is when we are not moved by the words. The word of God should move us to be better people, to love God more, and to love each other more. We should be more altruistic. That is what it's for.
Unfortunately we can use anything against others if we choose to.
Example: A young boy writes a love poem to a girl in his class, expressing a very thoughtful and loving attitude toward her. He accidently drops it on the floor and a classmate finds it and passes it around. Pretty soon the whole class is teasing him and his buddies are telling him he's a sissy for writing poems. His own beautiful expression toward this girl is used against him and that attitude is ugly.
In the bible Jesus talks about beautiful things. he also tells us about the dangers of our attitudes toward other people. Let's remember the purpose of the bible (or other living words) is not to use against other people but to transform who we are. Not to transform others, but to transform who we are.
Personally, I have been changed by my studies in the bible and other texts. The words have spoken to me in ways that are practical and meaningful in today's society. As you read the Sermon on the Mount (by Jesus) you realize that the word is just a piece of text on a page but the spirit that moves us is God. If you put the spirit of God to work in your life, you could burn the bible and it would not matter because it's already applied to your life. Of course we cannot burn the living word of God.
In other words, we cannot worship the words or hold them sacred any more than we can worship an idol. We are missing the point. We commune with God, not the book.
Creationism vs. Evolution? How does the argument effect our current lives? Evolution is one of the theories based on discoveries as to how we got here. The bible is sorefully lacking in specific details about the existence of human beings in the early stages of life. It doesn't detail what life was like then or how human beings survived. We keep discovering more and more things about our past through scientific methods, like carbon dating. I don't think there is a conflict at all between the bible and science. Science is a discovery process and we should never be afraid of the truth, of uncovering facts. The same too when we take a narrow view of the statements in the bible and refuse to examine the relevent facts, all we are doing is burying our heads in our existing understanding of how things really are. Really I think that what people are asking when they question what the bible says, is, "Does God exist?" and that is a different question than how human beings came into being. This does go back to the living word of God. God's word is life, and God spoke life into being. This is the creation story. Life being created through life. No conflict there between evolution and creationism. The only conflict comes up when we decide to make it a conflict. And for what reason? To be right? Be be in control? And then we are not applying God's word to our lives are we? It's misusing God's word to do so, because it's using God's word against someone else, instead of applying it to our hearts to help us be more loving and compassionate.
It's a very interesting topic I think.

Posted by: John at December 6, 2005 4:33 PM

I am new to this blog thing. I was searching for a blog that I could relate to and I found this one The Daily Spirit –Human ‘talking to God’.
I really enjoyed what you wrote and I agree with you that the Word of God is living and can speak to us in spirit. Gods Word is in my veins and heart, and it certainly is transforming and renewing. I have come a long way in my spiritual growth and learning. I have started a blog myself called Gens Journey. http://home.earthlink.net/~gdjohnson55/
I look forward to hearing from you and visiting your blog.
Sincerely, Gen

Posted by: Gen at December 18, 2005 8:49 AM

Hello!About a week ago i was driving to work.I've heard these voice inside me speaking.I am sure it was God speaking to me.He told me that i must please try to follow him.He would reviel many things to him and blessed me.Do you think it was God speaking to me.The Monday night i had a dream.God came to me and said he wanted to show me something.I was was traveling through air to someones house,inside was three women,they couldnt see me.The smaller women could see me,when she saw me,she changed into a some kind of demon,and she could not hurt me all,she was just standing in front of me looking me in the eys.The next moment i was at home.

Posted by: Corrie at August 31, 2006 3:56 AM

I had a similar incident over a year ago. Long story short. I felt myself drawing close to God. I finally realized that God was present in my life all these years. All the times I felt the urge to help the old lady next door mow her grass, I didn't do it. The co-workers that would clearly need someone to talk to about a problem, I ignored. [after the incident described below - I did begin to realize these were urges from God] In a moment of clarity, I decided to buy a book I was skimming through in the book store called "Talking to God." I was running out of time so I put it down to go pick up my kid - when I turned around there was this sign that said "wait here" I bought the book and on the way home I saw a license plate that said ONEGOD. Shortly after that I saw one that said LUVME. Needless to say I was profoundly influnced by these whispers all around me. This all happened to me on 9/16/06. Not that long after - I had a horrible dream about demons too. It was just the devil being disruptive. I'm so glad I got to share my story with you. I've never posted on these and I couldn't sleep. Maybe this email to you was why I couldn't sleep. Remember - God speaks to everyone in different ways -

God Bless You

Posted by: vic at September 11, 2006 11:40 PM

correction 9/16/05 was the date I really knew God was present. I'm reading the Purpose Driven Life which is a great book so far.

Posted by: vic at September 11, 2006 11:43 PM

I'm very glad to found out your blog.
I feel so lonely tonight, and i wanted to write my brother back home but instead of writing him i decided to search something to the web, something that can ease my pain (psychologically and spiritually)
Even i'm a believer there are times that i feel so empty and don't feel to read my bible.i suffered a lot and if not for my faith i don't think that i could survive.During the trials, troubles and hardship in my life God was there, all the difficulties that i had, he was there to lift me up again and again.I really thank you for creating this blog even it is by incident that i got into it.I'm not goin to tell you the details why i feel so lonely but one of your topics answer some of them. I have an inferiority complex, i don't really love myself and i feel guilty about it coz i believe God.I tried very hard to accept "me" for what i am and for what i have it's just that i feel so insecure,and it's a huge battle inside me.I struggle for it but i keep on fallin'.

Posted by: vb at October 9, 2006 3:26 PM