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November 8, 2005

Talk to anyone who has committed suicide

From a news article about the astronauts working on the space station, to help put life in perspective:

"Some of the bolts holding the instrument in place were missing and engineers were concerned it could break free and hit the station. McArthur removed it and hurled it off into space, pretending to throw a football.
"Pretty impressive," replied astronaut Rick Linnehan from Mission Control in Houston.
Engineers expect the instrument to fly freely for up to 150 days before being pulled back and incinerated in Earth's atmosphere."

I repeat that last line... "Engineers expect the instrument to fly freely for up to 150 days before being pulled back and incinerated in Earth's atmosphere."

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In the grand scheme of things we are all pulled back to mother earth. Incinerated, obliterated and used as fodder or fuel. That is one of the natures of this physical lifespan. I accept that. I know it's truth. But the total picture, or whole truth is in life and love. What is deceiving to us is that we are done when we are pulled back to the earth. Of course we would fear death when we believe that deception!

Talk to anyone who has committed suicide and they will tell you. Life does indeed go on and suicide is not a solution. Immediately after the physical death we get to ponder and know the truth of what just happened. It's not over and we realize what a shame that was. Still I don't blame the football that is tossed into space when it discovers that it is not truly free and is going to burn up in the atmosphere. It has no choice but to accept it's plight. Still I don't blame the thrower, because in this case it's the self who believes that they are relieving their own suffering by escaping. There is a deep, deep sadness surrounding suicide. It is like a waste of a great gift. And we do realize it. There is an "afterlife" and we become fully aware of what we have done. It is just that way. Philosophers can debate all we want about the after life, but we all experience it and it's what comes next. The physical body returns to the earth, sucked back by gravity and the need to fertilize and replenish what was taken from it. Life goes on in the form of nourishment and renewal. So life goes on after the physical death. We can debate all we want but we all will find out. Houdini claimed that he would cheat death and send a message back from the other side. As far as I really know he has not found a way to do that, at least publicly like many of his stunts. But there is this thought to ponder: "Sometimes death happens before we die." Many people believe in life after death but still are afraid of it and don't really believe it. But when it happens we not only believe but we understand more about life. Death is a great equalizer I've heard, and we all will die, but we have not yet experienced it. We are flying footballs in space, thinking we are free, but eventually we are pulled back in to return to mother earth. That is the way of things. So eventually, with technology and flu vaccinations we may slow or stop the aging of this physical body. But sometimes death hapens before we die and life seems like more of a hell than we can deal with. Still if we try to escape it, we miss something great and feel the regret. One thing we will miss is the 'opportunity' we had in life. There is opportunity in life. Opportunity to gain wisdom. In fact that is a good goal in life. "Opportunity to gain Wisdom." That is life. It's better to gain that wisdom to now than after the fact. After we are dead and can no longer change the outcome. Missed opportunity.

Life is worth living.

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