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November 9, 2005

Intelligent Design

One of the arguments that surfaces in elections all across the nation is this conflict between teaching 'intelligent design' verses science and 'evolution.' I am telling you right now that there is really no conflict between science and God. We make it a conflict. Science is truly about uncovering the truth. In Science we may make theories and then try to prove them or disprove them. It's a discovery process. Believe this, that there is no conflict between creationism and the discovery process. There is a conflict between people's attitudes toward others though. So what if God created living beings over centuries of evolution or in an instant! We are here. let's uncover the truth of our origins and test our theories. Eventually science discovers what is true because it is the process of discovery. True science is not a doctrine of 'Evolution,' against 'Creationism,' although can be just as dogmatic and false as religions, because of non-scientific bias and treating theory as fact and discounting beliefs without facts. One theory is 'creationism through Evolution.' Another is 'creationism in an instant.' Another theory is 'no intelligent design,' just random evolution or natural selection. There are also facts that we cannot explain. True Science would not say creationism is wrong, it would say, "If Creationism is true, then what evidence is there to support it? And what form does 'creation' take? I create things every day. Does that make them evolutionary or created? Do my creations appear out of nowhere or are they a derivation of bits and pieces of influences and encounters of my life process? Let this be a lesson in Science and Creationism. There is only a conflict if we want there to be a conflict. Then it's not Science and it's not Religion. It's an attitude problem. A problem where we are no longer willing to uncover the truth. Maybe we can at least believe in our existence here in this form. Somehow we got here. Let's believe this together and realize that how we got here is to be discovered. Where we are going after this is to be discovered. No conflict. There is definately intelligent design to life. It's beautiful beyond words. We are slowly discovering how it all works. Awareness of how it all works is very valuable for living life. So we should not fight true science and not consider it an opposite of 'creationism,' but a compliment. Truth eventually is discovered. Look what we have learned over the centuries!!!! Beautiful how this intelligent design works. Inquiring minds want to know the truth and ignorance is not bliss, it's just ignorance and causes suffering.
As far as Evolution verses Creationism goes, Let's always seek the truth and we will find it. Jesus promised that and it is true. There is no conflict. There is only discovery and awe and the revealing of the truth. Don't be small and stubborn and unaware. Both 'sides' are guilty of this. It's not science or belief in God that creates this, but simply ignorance. And don't feel guilty for your belief in God. It's as real as the awe that science uncovers. True belief in God also uncovers awe in what has been created and how it was done. No matter what we beleive we really believe in the same thing. Life. Life is amazing and truly unique and inspiring. Science uncovers how things work. It's true. Our spirituality also uncovers how things work. This is also true. Eventually we learn about love and life and death. Somehow I came into existence, whether that was centuries ago or yesterday. Somehow I exist and it doesn't really matter how I got here, except that we can use any information available to us to better our human condition while here, now. DNA suggests we are all related. But even so, that does not tell me how to live my life currently and cannot absolve me of loving others. Are we intelligent enough to know that it is in our own best interest to love others? Are we intelligent enough to design a life that is clean and beneficial to the planet? Are we intelligent enough to create instead of destroy what we've been given? Or will we ultimately turn out to be the 'unintelligent design?' In that case 'Intelligent Design' and 'Evolution' both suck. Let's evolve into something more than what we have been given. Is it possible? Time will tell.

Posted by carl1236 at November 9, 2005 12:42 AM | Attitude


I think the attempts to use science to "prove" certain aspects of religion (e.g. the existence of God, the truth of His Word and so forth) actually undermines faith. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. When I had a serious crisis of faith several years ago, this realization about the nature of faith set me free.

Posted by: Fritz at November 14, 2005 10:15 PM

Yes, because we find that the more we learn and discover the greater the mystery. It is like looking into the universe and discovering that our galaxy is only one of billions or trillions of galaxies. All things point to God though and science only reveals what is already here. The mistake many people make is in trying to pit science against what it is revealing and 'disprove' what is God. As someone with great faith, you understand that everything being revealed by science is really a credit to God. This creation is so complex and beautiful and full of God's love. You pointed out something: Whenever we 'use' something for our own gain, we are missing the point. And we can 'use' anything against anything or anyone we don't agree with. Another way to put this, is with great faith, we are not afraid of what science will reveal. It doesn't matter because God is real, and true science cannot reveal what is not there to be revealed. It is a discovery process! I am all for discovering God's creation and how it's all put together. I'm also all for Faith in God.
I appreciate what you are saying. I also bet your faith is in no way threatened by science or what it reveals. There is no conflict for you. The conflict comes in when there is little or no faith.
I don't think that that the use of science to prove the truth undermines the truth. But the use of Science to manipulate the truth and prove something that isn't true is a lie. In one way you bring up a good thought: God doesn't need to be 'proven' to exist. Those that truly know God have no need to seek out 'proof' that God exists. Faith really is a precurser to good science and good science doesn't change our faith, only strengthens it. Of course if we are believing in something false, then we are still lost and we have to jump to conclusions, misuse or distort the facts to support the falsehood. And since our knowledge is so limited, it's easy to do. The evidence of God is all around us, yet we cannot see it. When we can see it, wow.

Posted by: John at November 14, 2005 11:25 PM