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December 15, 2005

A Pocket Studio and a Spoon

A little while ago, shortly before the Art Crawl, I decided I was going to move myself in the direction of doing more art. I practice the trumpet off and on, I write, I paint, I draw, I do woodcarving, I dye Ukranian Easter Eggs, I sculpt, among other things. I have had a pretty artistic life so far, but over the past couple of years I have felt like I need to do more artwork. It's part of who I am and I think it's a good use of my time here to create beautiful things. The lesson I learned from dying Ukrainian Easter Eggs is a lesson of love. Each egg takes appoximately 3-4 hours to create so it doesn't make a whole lot of economical sense to try to make a living creating and selling these eggs, especially since each egg can really only sell for about $25 dollars. But they are beautiful and it's fun to make them and melt the wax off, revealing just how beautiful they are. I am really creating beautiful things just because they are beautiful and it's creative. I would call that a labor of love. The same is true for many of my woodcarvings. It takes a while to make something that I think is beautiful, but really it's the process of getting to the end result that I love. I appreciate the end result and am constantly amazed at how creative human beings really are. That's beautiful. I wish a creative life on everyone. Well, let me rephrase that. We are all creating something in our lives, but I wish for everyone the ability and desire to create beautiful things. Not just visually but emotionally and spiritually also.
So right after the Art Crawl, I found a nice little, actually very little, isolated, quiet, and peaceful art studio that I could afford. I set it all up with someone elses discarded or donated stuff. The work table, the adjustable lamp, the soft cushioned chair for sitting and reading, the carpeting, the floor lamp and an extension cord. To relieve some stress I've been working in there and it's absolutely peaceful and meditative. My first project in my 'pocket studio' is a spoon I'm carving for my mom for Christmas. She already has a small collection of spoons I've carved for her and it's time for another one. The spoon shape and design are getting closer to being done. I'm carving this one out of pine, which is tricky because of the splintering, but when it's pulled off correctly, it provides a beautiful natural pattern in the light and dark layers. I'll have it done by Christmas and I can't wait to give something beautiful away again. Isn't this also a benefit of creating beautiful things in life? Creating beautiful things allows others to enjoy beautiful things.
What am I creating in life? At work I am defending myself and my coworkers against a bully. I'm learning how to stand up for myself. Is that beautiful and artful? Or am I just creating more hostility and pain? My boss is lying to protect himself and to make me look bad. Is that artful? But carving wood is beautiful and artful and that brings up another benefit of creating art; it's a stress reliever. After spending a couple hours in my pocket studio tonight carving a spoon I feel much better. And in a week I get to give this special carving to my mom. I sent another special gift to my brother in New Mexico also. I hope it made it safely through the mail! ;-)
Life can be beautiful.

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