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December 26, 2005

New Music to Enjoy

First of all, my trumpet practice over the past month has paid off. I performed Christmas songs on my trumpet for my family on Christmas Eve. Not saying my playing was up to professional standards, but it sure was fun practicing toward that goal and I could definately see an improvement in both quality of my playing and my endurance. Practice makes us stronger.
Then, we have new music to enjoy: Josh Groban is fantastic! Michael Buble' is also good. Hayley Westenra is still an Angel beyond this mortal realm. And to contrast all of that passionate music, not new but still a classic is Pink Floyd the Wall, on CD. I have an original old LP record album but now have the CD's, best heard by cranking up the volume when home alone!
This weekend has been highlighted by some great new music and a passion to play some myself. Music and Life. Music is an integral part of my life. It's role is equally as spiritual and life-changing as other experiences if not more. I cannot think of a time, during my entire life that music has not had some kind of influence on me. We are changed by music.

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