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December 28, 2005

To Narnia and back

Today after work I went to my pocket studio and locked myself in for a couple of hours working on three projects: A Norwegian Butter Knife I'm carving out of some really hard, dark wood that feels like I'm cutting stone. I'm also still working on my wood sculpture that in my head I'm calling, "After Midnight" made from pine. The grain looks so cool on this one and gives nice flowing, dream-like lines running through it. Then I started sketching another spoon-carving project. It should be pretty interesting, fun and unique.
I felt like I had gone through a magical door. I was listening to some good peaceful music by an angel, and no distractions. It was pure creation. It reminded me of the founding of Narnia chapter in the book I'm reading where the Lion's thoughts were coming to life through his singing. As I sculpted wood, smoothed and shaped it and smoothed it and shaped it more, I became more pleased with what I was creating and it was fun! Then my second CD ended and I decided it was time to go. This is probably what it felt like going back home for the boy and girl in the story. It all seems a little mundane and drab to crawl through a dusty old attic when you've just been travelling to other dimensions. Home is good too, but it also felt good to be totally focused on creating my artwork. Except I did not drag a malicious evil queen home with me when I returned from the netherworlds. Just me. Now I'm off to read more in the Chronicles before going to sleep. I know I'll start dreaming about this book soon. It's a good story though and I'm having fun with it.

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