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January 2, 2006

Revealing a bad design

Well, today I removed the wax from the two Ukrainian Easter Eggs I made and the first one I did was kind of a disappointment, mainly because it was an experiment in design and it didn't look very good. I had these big white diamond shapes on them and those were the only things that were white and they stood out too much and detracted from the more intricate designs on the rest of the egg. So I spent the next couple hours experimenting with the bleach and dyes trying to fix it. I didn't fix it but I did learn a few things and created an acceptable, new design. It kind of looks like a turquoise egg with etching on it. The color is not even but it adds character right? Haha, it was a creative learning experience and I can always use that egg which is quite a nice color as a background egg to show off the others.
Sometimes we get into things and start working with them to reveal a mess underneath that wasn't readily visible from the outside. A lot of things we get involved in could turn out this way. But I've found the process of creatively fixing things is a great experience. We don't have to throw it out or get disgusted and quit. Often I look at things as opportunities not failures and then it becomes an adventure. This is artful living that I'm slowly becoming more accustomed to. When a bad design is revealed, it's not time to give up, it's time to begin.
In the book I'm reading, The Chronicles of Narnia, I finished book four out of seven, Prince Caspian. The characters echoed this idea in one part of the story. I'd like to say that it's that easy in real life. It takes practice to be creative and I guess that is what we are doing when we try to fix things that are revealed to not be working or show up as ugly to us. We are practicing being creative. I think the more we do this the easier it gets to find creative solutions and create beautiful things out of what could have been complete failure.

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