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January 3, 2006

Where do I begin?

When I'm creating artwork, deciding what to do and how to do it is one of the hardest parts. I have an idea, but to translate that into a piece of artwork it's like going through mental gymnastics and slow torture at the same time. Then once I decide, I have a plan. And once I have a plan I can do it. Today it took me a while to create two new designs on eggs, which I won't be able to start coloring until Thursday. And tonight as I was examining the two I finished yesterday, I see I need a new method of totally clearing out the insides without wrecking the dye on the bottom edge of the egg. Waxing over the bottom portion of the egg works pretty good, but after I thought the insides were cleaned out, it continued to drip a little and left a blob near the bottom, covering part of the design. It's too bad, but I researched and discovered someone else who has had this same problem and the solution is a new kind of drying rack which I'll have to build ASAP. I just wrote a note to myself to get the right size nails for this. They have to be long enough and skinny enough to go into the bottom of the egg and support the whole egg so it's suspended above the base. This allows the entire contents to continue to drain, while the pin acts as a wick to draw the remaining water and egg out and downward so it doesn't collect around the hole until it builds up enough weight to fall. Anyway, tonight I got two more eggs drawn so I'm excited. The studio effect is working. I'm isolated there and there are no distractions. Hyper-focus definately works for extremely detailed, time consuming artwork like this. And they are beautiful. I love creating beautiful things.

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