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January 4, 2006

Resolving problems

Tonight at the bike shop one man became frustrated with his brakes and began yelling at us and calling us names. He had reached his limit and his frustration was overwhelming. So I talked to him, and asked him how his broken brakes were our fault. He said it wasn't our fault his brakes were broken. Then I asked him if it was his fault his brakes were broken, and he said no. Then we talked about how frustrating it was and that I understood that. But at the same time, he could not take out his frustrations on us. In the end, he got his way by having someone drop what they were doing and fixing it for him. But sometimes, things become overwhelming and we just need relief from it. Like this man and his brakes. He told me that he would have thrown the whole bike outside over the railing if he didn't get it fixed, that's how frustrating it was for him. So, Dave fixed his bike in about 20 minutes and he was happy and had brakes again. And he apologized for taking out his frustration on us and we shook hands. Then I rode through downtown with him and another guy on the way home. You know, I really understand frustration, and I don't know anyone who likes to be the receiving end of it. We cannot take out our frustrations on other people. And it's helpful to try to see the source of frustration in other people. Usually there is a good reason for their frustration and it's a start in finding a solution. But first we have to be willing to face the insults, see beyond them and hear what the diffulties are. I think sometimes we cannot resolve some problems with other people, but sometimes we can. But we must be willing to hear and listen. I'm glad we shook hands and made up and rode off together.

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