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January 8, 2006

Reading and Laundry Day

Today was seriously a day off for me. I did laundry and read. I'm on book six out of seven in the Chronicles of Narnia. Next weekend I plan on being done and seeing the movie. This morning I sat and read in the coffee shop and a friend said that I should write children's books, then he gave me an idea for a story. It was 'The squirrel who ate cherry pie.' He then proceeded to tell me the story about a squirrel who somehow found a way into their house and ate the cherry pie that was sitting on the counter and how when they saw it, it had cherry pie all over it's face! It was a funny story but then he kept telling about this squirrel and how they had to figure out how it was getting in and blocked the hole. Then His story telling turned for the worse and the squirrel ended up getting hit by a car and died, flattened on the road in front of their house. Uh, yeah, like that would make a good children's story! haha, I jokingly called it 'Greg's grim farie tales' and we laughed about it. He said, 'yeah, my stories tend to end up kind of dark." But I got thinking about it and after reading C.S. Lewis, I'm not sure I could write a story for children. My mind doesn't work like that I think. My imagination is good, but I don't think like a child mostly. I'm constantly surprised at how and what kind of things C.S. Lewis describes in his books, in order to make it interesting to children to read. It's almost like he wrote a story, then read it aloud to children and told them that whenever they had any questions at all, to interrupt him and ask it. Then he explained it to their satisfaction and wrote that down and added it to the story. As I was reading his book today, I kept thinking more and more about how good this book would seem to children. I'm enjoying, because of the way the stories are written. There are some things to me that are not logical, but then again, that's part of the reason only children can go to Narnia. They are the ones with the ability to believe in such places, creatures and magic.
Overall today was relaxing and I even got a nap in and did three loads of laundry. I'm all caught up now. Tomorrow starts another day! I needed another rest day and today was it. I feel much stronger and healthier now with more energy. Amazing what a little rest will do. Now I'd better not ruin it by staying up any later. I'm off to bed.

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