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January 11, 2006

The Birth of a Bike Blog

Announcement for all of you bicycle enthusiasts and anyone interested in the community building aspects using bikes as a tool for working with people: The Sibley Bike Depot has a new blog! I didn't create it, but I'm one of the authors. It's another way to communicate not only our mission but our daily interactions with people at the bike depot and the many interesting things that go on in the community and the bike shop. The Sibley Bike Depot Blog.

The Sibley Bike Depot (Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance) is having it's annual meeting on Saturday, January 28th, at 6pm. This is the meeting where the members vote for the board of directors and I'm volunteering to be President. One of my major missions is to revitalize the mission of this non-profit organization and to get new, fresh blood involved. Everyone is welcome to attend. We are having free pizza at 6pm so RSVP would be helpful to know how much to order: stephen@bikeped.org

Something very cool is riding the streets of St. Paul and Minneapolis. It's a new year and a new group of fresh people to do good things. http://www.bikeped.org See you on the 28th!

Keep on riding! If you do come to the bike depot for our annual meeting on the 28th, please introduce yourself to me and let me know that you read about it here on my blog. I'm happy to meet anyone that reads this blog!

- John

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