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January 28, 2006


Tonight was a great night, I thought. We had our annual meeting for the non-profit, community bicycle education and recycling center. At the annual meeting the officers of the board of directors are elected by members. We had over 20 some members show up and a few very cool visitors. We ended up having pizza from a local place, which was very good. I hope the best for the Spokes Pizza people in their pizza oven problems which forced them to close for the weekend. That stinks. Their pizza is some of the best.
At tonight's meeting there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. There was a lot of talk about what's going to happen this year. It's all good. Then after the meeting we were all bubbling over with enthusiasm and good spirits and hung out in the shop talking about all of the high hopes for this next year. Karl hooked up a new light for the pedicab and it's bright! other people began grabbing bikes and working on them while other's sat around chatting and socializing. It was cool.
Now I'm home and exhausted by a couple of days of really hard work and focus. In two weeks we have our first board meeting with the new board of directors. I'm excited about the possibilities and what we will do this year, and how that will effect the ongoing mission of this organization. This is really a rebirth and refreshing of the spirit.
I'm not bored with the bikeboard, haha, but I am enthused and encouraged.

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