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January 31, 2006

The not so daily but still daily spirit

Hey, just because I'm not blogging daily lately doesn't mean I'm not alive. Or does it? haha. Either it's time to renew my focus or renew the name of my blog. Andy was talking on his blog about how busy he was and how his blog has suffered and if we wanted to know what he was up to, we should check out his other sites where his time is all consumed lately. I know how he feels.
Now I'm all consumed in other activities. Someone else asked me about motivation. Yeah, my motivation lags a little when I'm tired, but mainly I don't have a motivation problem I have a time problem. I have too many things going on, like Andy. But it's all good. Andy I know exactly what you are going through, but don't worry. You are a Godsend even if you just show up once a month. It's better than what we did not have. And you've already made my day by showing up. ;-) And Nathan, I'm still thankful for you too. It's not everyone who will do something just because a friend needs help. That means a lot to me. Imagine a world full of people like you. It gives me great hope.
I've noticed that in the blogging universe, like everything else in life, other things sometimes have to have a higher priority. Too little time I think.
Learning Priorities and knowing what is important in life IS one of the reasons I'm here. It's one of the things we all have to learn isn't it? How can we be trusted with a fortune when we cannot handle a pittance? How can we handle a universe full of galaxies and populated planets when we cannot handle our own home?
One of the things I've tried to tell people, is that yes, no matter what position you have, no matter what your job is, what your obligations are, or hobbies, you are a spirit and human all the time, and the two are inseperable. So when we get so frantically busy, and our priorities get challenged, we have to remember to look at the big picture, how to live and love and continue the process of living no matter what we are doing. It's a good life. Andy you are doing great and I love your activities and your blogging. I think you got your priorities straight.
As for me? Haha, I'm still learning. Today I'm blogging. Tomorrow I'm at the bike shop. It's all good.

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