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February 4, 2006

The Art Store

Tonight I made it over to Wet Paint art store on Grand Avenue. I just love that place! I can easily drop 50 dollars each visit haha. But I got the paint I need to paint Jim's window, and a few other art supplies I wanted to get and a book I just had to have, lol. Oh yes, and a pencil that's guaranteed to draw on glass, which wipes off easily. Much better than a china marker with a softer material, more like pastels or something but in a pencil. We tested it on glass before I bought it. I'll be drawing on the outside of the window, then painting on the inside, then erasing my lines on the outside. So I needed something I could sketch with. I would just sketch on the inside since I'm painting on the inside, but I'm doing lettering so it's easier for me to not have to do that in reverse. It has to be legible from the street.
Wet Paint is a crowded little store full of art stuff. Very full. I've never been disappointed by their selection of supplies. I highly recommend it and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Now I'm off to do some more sketches and other fun stuff with the art supplies I bought.

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