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February 7, 2006

Cooooooolddddd riiiiiiddddde

Yep, tonight at the bikeshop after our Board of Directors meeting, three of us rode off to our homes on bike. We were able to ride a good chunk of my route home together, so that was fun. Then I just had about a mile to go to get home. But it's cold out there baby! It's the kind of weather a person tolerates on a bike just because they are already committed to riding, regardless of the temeratures. But by the time I arrived at my house, I was all warmed up and the conditions were actually pleasant. Winter biking will scare off many people, and sure it's cold out, but dressed properly for it it's really like a winter sport. I wouldn't give up skiing just because it's cold out for instance.
And I keep being reminded that it's already February 6th and Winter is on it's way out.

Posted by carl1236 at February 7, 2006 10:43 PM | Winter-Biking