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February 17, 2006


Yeah, I know, everyone who rides their bike at this time of year is saying, "what's the big deal!" haha. Well, maybe not, but I do know there are some people still getting around on bikes. I hope you don't get frostbite or hypothermia! It's cold out there! It's -9 F. / -32 Windchill. How nice. Here's the Windchill Advisory:

bitter wind chills expected into saturday morning...
A bitter arctic airmass in association with arctic high pressure over south dakota will continue to push southward across central and south central minnesota and western wisconsin on northwest wind of 10 to 15 mph overnight. although wind speeds will likely drop off to near 10 mph late tonight...wind speeds of 10 to 15 mph from the west and southwest are expected after daybreak on saturday. the combination of expected wind speed with the extreme cold and will will continue to produce wind chill readings of minus 25 to minus 35 into midmorning on saturday.
therefore...wind chill advisories for south central and central minnesota as well as part of western wisconsin have been extended until 10 am cst saturday morning.
ensure you have a winter storm survival kit in your vehicle if you are planning on travel across greater minnesota today.

What if my vehicle is a bicycle? What would I put in a winter storm survival kit for a bicycle? I'm already out in the elements and if I'm not dressed properly for it then I'm already in trouble. Seriously, If you go out, at least put a hat and scarf on and skip the mini-skirts and high heels. Weather like this demands practicality.

My ride home was uneventful and I was overdressed on my core, as usual. But man is it cold out there! So I wasn't going to take any chances. By the time I got home, my two big toes were starting to get cold and a couple of my fingers were cold, but notthing too bad. I get to do it again in the morning on my way to the bike shop!

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