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February 19, 2006

Wax on Paper

Yesterday I tried applying my Pysanky techniques, wax-resist dying method, to paper. I did a nice design with white, yellow red and dark red in the shape of an egg on a piece of tagboard. I used a cue tip swab to brush on the dye. Then I heated the paper next to a candle to melt the surface wax off. It turned out nicely and is pleasant to look at. I experienced a little bleeding of colors though, so I'm not sure if this was a function of the paper or the process of melting wax making the ink flow more. Anyway, it's not too bad so the picture still looks nice.
Every time I work on eggs now, I'm going to do a small print using this method also. I have to wait for the eggs to sit in the dye anyway, and I'm expanding my experiences and applying this artform in a new creative way for me.
Tomorrow I will work on more artwork in my studio and produce a second print in a different color scheme.

Today I met with George at a local gallery and tentatively set a date for a Pysanki demonstration in April. There is a lot of art-related activity going on for me in April! Hope i can handle it all.

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