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February 24, 2006

Spokes' Demise

Well, I'm sorry to report that Spokes Pizza is closing shop. They had awesome pizza and a great, green delivery style. So, what happened? I don't know, but I still like the idea of collectives and shared ownership. Our world is full of kingdoms and empires where the few reap the profits at the expense of the many who make it all possible. There is no justification for millionaires in this world. That is simply someone taking more than their share. Sharing in the wealth is a better idea.

Today I read an interesting related idea...In the St. Paul Pioneer Press today an ignorant woman, Kathy Vittum of North St. Paul said, "Reservations no longer a benefit to Indians. Indian reservations have outlived their purpose and ar doing mor harm than good for today's indians. The Feb. 19 New York Times article "Drug rings find havens on Indian reservations" illustrates everything that's wrong with them. They are isolated and economically unsustainable, which breeds corruption, crime and government dependence. In this era it is not acceptable to have large tracts of land where criminals can operate with impunity, especially near the borders. And with extremely limited financial resources and ever increasing government entitlement costs, we can no longer afford to subsidize them financially. There should be an expiration date for these treaties. American Indians are entitled to the same government resources as every other citizen, and in today's world that should be sufficient."

Haha. Reservations were never a good idea and never economically sufficient. That wasn't their purpose ever. their purpose was to encapsulate and make the Native American's insignificant and out of sight and out of control. Reservations were obsolete and not sufficient right from the beginning. Yes, let's expire the reservations, dissolve them and return this country to the Native Americans, who are the rightful owners that we stole it from by making treaties and lies. American Indians are entitled to their land back. That should be sufficient. Ignorance is ugly and self-centered. Yeah, you may be compassionate and see that Reservations are not self-sustaining, be we created them to take what we wanted. The guilt is all ours. We cannot repay this ever except by getting rid of reservations and letting the Native American's have their country back. Will we do it? That would be sufficient.

Why are we so arrogant and ignorant? Yet we claim to be Christ-like and truthful. It comes down to greed and power. We take what we want. This is why I love the concept of collectives where everyone shares in the profits and the losses. No-one is greater in ownership. I'm sad to see Spoke's Pizza go and sad to read things like this, ignorance and self-centered greed. Reservations were NEVER a benefit to Indians. They were a benefit to those who wanted to take power and control and ownership of what never belonged to them.

We need to figure out how to live together and share everything!

Posted by carl1236 at February 24, 2006 9:53 PM | Life


Your point (Reservations were never a good idea and never economically sufficient... their purpose was to encapsulate and make the Native American's insignificant and out of sight and out of control. Reservations were obsolete and not sufficient right from the beginning) is well taken. I hadn't thought of it in that light before. I was intentionally being a bit provokative, hoping to generate some conversation on the topic, but it never happened in the Pioneer Press. Seems like we both agree that the reservations were and are bad ideas.

Posted by: Kathy Vittum at June 8, 2006 4:30 PM