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February 26, 2006

Amelia Earhart

Imagine knowing that you are going to die. Imagine knowing that you are lost and your fuel is running low and you may never find the tiny island you are supposed to land on to refuel. Well, now imagine all of our lives as crossing the Pacific, with a tiny island to land on, but being lost, realizing we are going to die. Life is like that. We are going to die, but it's not until we realize that we are lost do we realize it's imminant. Until then we think we are alive and are going to make it. The fear she went through at first was like being more worried about the loved ones she was going to be leaving behind. Then hoping that people might find her, if only she could survive and they would look for her. Then acceptance that she might die. Then a prayer that it's not painful. Then just "Oh crap, here it comes. Then unconcious. Then witnessing what happened and all the reactions and how it effected specific other people what it meant.
You know, it's really difficult to predict how or when we are really going to leave this body. But it will happen. Not to be pessimistic here, but realistic. Whenever we get too self-important or lose our way, it's good to remember that this life is very temporary. If we are lucky we can have this realization before that moment right before our death is imminant. I know I will run out of fuel and I will crash in the sea, never to be seen again. But I'm still going to take that flight, because I will inspire millions of people to fly. Being the first woman to cross the Atantic has made a difference in this world. I am not there to take the glory, but to inspire. This is my legacy. So being alive still and realizing I have a legacy to leave, and that my impact is not determined by how I die, but by how I lived my life, what will I do? What will I do with my life knowing that it's limited? But I'm still going to live like Amelia. I'm going to ride my bike and fly in the sky and explore life to the fullest, and help people wherever I see the need. And it will be enough. As I crash into the ocean, I will accept that I lived and have no regrets. It's not about self-pleasuring, but being true to who we are and living according to our inner-compass. It always leads the way. And in the end, the pacific ocean doesn't scare the death out of us.

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