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February 28, 2006

Maybe we need to rethink our whole approach

We often become reactionary thinkers. We go down a path like a chain-reaction – one thing leads to another, one choice is based on a previous choice and we find ourselves in the current position and what we have created and what we are choosing now is situation-based.
Where is the line between accepting who you are and working to change/improve yourself? Basically we should have love for our self. Which means sometimes we have to do what is good for us. And we can learn to define our choices based on who we are verses defining who we are based on our choices. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person because you chose a certain path to go down. By necessity choices have to support our current path or we are on a different path. But maybe getting off our chosen path is not so bad. Sometimes the time is right to take a new approach.
Our value and self-worth as a human being goes along with us on whatever path we choose. We are no less valuable to God if we are a Dentist or Delivery Driver. Sometimes we can make better choices in life though, and this is where change/self-improvement comes in. We should continue to love ourselves no matter what. This is why we should always be in the process of changing/improving ourselves. We should always be involved in the process of change. It’s not something we order up that someone else prepares for us and accept or reject it. In Eastern traditions we are constantly in the process of becoming enlightened and we should not stop seeking this. Really enlightenment is the process of self-improvement, or purification and like purifying water there is a process we go through to do this. It’s not something we arrive at by accident. Change is essential and ongoing regardless of what activities we are doing in these bodies. Everything in life becomes an education. School never ends and we are perpetual students. How good of students are we? I don’t think self-acceptance really means being satisfied with where we are at in life. I think true self-acceptance, is acceptance of ourselves no matter what path we are on, and loving ourselves no matter what path we are on. Change comes when we accept who we are and try to make better and more loving choices for ourselves.
If I am mean to others and I become aware that I am, do I accept that as who I am? Or do I try to change? The loving thing to do would be try to change. I accept myself as a human being and don’t bash myself and counter-act what is good for me. It’s good for me to be kind to others. I feel better when I do and it’s good for my soul. So I seek to change how I treat others. I feel like we confuse our choices with who we are as a human being and spiritual being, all part of God. When we make bad choices we tend to be hyper critical of ourselves and devalue who we are. We stop accepting our own value and self-worth. But really it’s our bad choices that we should stop accepting and make better choices.
Since choices are often based on a chain reaction in life, one choice leading to another, down a specific path, sometimes we need to rethink the whole approach. To arrive at a new, creative choice, we have to look at the big picture and choose a path that will have the desired chain reaction of choices.
But no matter what path we choose, we still (lovingly) carry ourselves down the path and constantly learn and improve who we are, making better and better choices. This also means (lovingly) we don't need to correct things that are working and that are good and right. We make choices based on who we are and it works.

Posted by carl1236 at February 28, 2006 1:53 PM | Love Yourself


this is areally cool thing. it helped me understand some stuff.

Posted by: Ashalee at October 30, 2006 5:21 PM