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April 1, 2006

Building Stuff

Yesterday and Today, I have been building stuff. I've been working on making my own wall-hanging 21"x14" curio cabinets with mirror backs and hinged glass doors on the front and glass shelves. For now the lights are a no-go because I couldn't find suitable lights for what I want, so I'm planning on building my own with LED's later. For now they'll be unlit. This project will take me all weekend to finish. I'll end up with three boxes to display my Ukrainian Easter Eggs in. This is cool because they are small enough that they can be hung on the wall like pictures.
Then my other project this weekend is installing under-cabinet lighting. You know what I find interesting about projects, any project, is the guess-work involved. And the second-guessing-work involved. How do I do this (whatever project) so it looks good and is functional and doesn't look like a child put it in. And then there is also the problem of coming up with the right tools. Today I had to buy another miter box because I couldn't find my old one. I did not want to try to cut these box pieces without an accurate angled cut. Trips to the store have delayed these projects enough. That's one reason why it'll take me all weekend to finish these projects.
This is where the balance category of this blog entry comes in...This morning I went down to the bike shop to haul away scrap metal. But I didn't go back. Tomorrow I have to go back to the bike shop to haul away some older junk that's just taking up space for now.
Today I was discussing priorities and all of the things we get involved in. Life can get crazy sometimes. And when it gets crazy we can't do everything we want to do. So, part of our lesson here on earth in this form is learning how to prioritize and learn what is really important in life. Yeah, our families are important. Our jobs are important. School is important. Recreation is important. Art is important. It's ALL important and has meaning.
Balance in life is important. When going to extremes in one area, another area of life breaks down from neglect. But maybe that's ok in our different situations or phases in life, but maybe it's not. The answer is not to shun responsibility, but to think about our choices and conciously decide what is most important to us and understand why. Then we have to think about balance and if we really want to have another area of our lives be neglected. Balance is a life-long lesson I think.

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