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April 3, 2006

Baseline Rules

Sometimes there are baseline rules that people must follow to live in a civilized world and in harmony with each other. For instance, two high-school students in our week-long bike class were fighting and spraying chain-lube into each other's faces today and lost their priviledge to be in the class. They are lucky they didn't damage each other's eyes. And this was on their first day of class! It's a great deal for these students to be able to take a week-long bike repair class and even get a free bike out of it. But to ruin it on the first day by fighting and spaying chain lube into the face of another student? Sometimes there has to be a baseline of behaviour in our society to just get be able to participate. Many programs for youth end up being programs for the good kids, unfortunately for those that fall through the cracks. I know there are other programs that deal with kids like these two, but again, unfortunately we are not prepared to deal with them, so they cannot return. I think the rest of the week will go very well. In life how much do we miss out on when our attitudes prevent us from participating? Maybe they didn't really want to be there. Their director of the school program was notified and they may or may not have consequences beyond not being allowed to come back to our shop for our class. I think we need some baseline rules of behavior in society to get along. It doesn't mean we need to follow all the rules by the letter, because creativity often comes from breaking the rules, but there are rules of safety and respect for others we should follow as a minimum. Otherwise many things break down and people get hurt or it detracts from ours and other people's ability to learn and live and persue happiness. Then it's not just about us.

Posted by carl1236 at April 3, 2006 9:10 PM | Life