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April 8, 2006

Return of the missing kitty

I got to experience another one of life's lessons over the past few days. I know I've complained about having too many pets in the house and the work and responsibility that entails, but when one of our cat's left home the other day and there was a big rain storm and she wasn't seen again, yes, I was sad and worried. I wasn't happy that she was missing. I have secretly thought that it would be nice to get rid of some pets and not have to have that burden at this time in our lives, but when it comes down to it, I don't want to lose a pet by having some tragedy befall it. It's just sad. No, I think it will be a sad day when our older cat passes away too. Tonight our cat was found in the neighbor's yard wandering around meowing. She seemed happy to be inside and came running to me and rubbed up against me and wanted snuggling. Yes, I have to admit she's a good kitty. I still wonder how she survived the rain storm and was sad to think we lost her, she returned. I'm sitting here at the computer looking at some posters my family just made up with our cat's picture, "Help me! I'm Lost..." well, it seems she found her way back home, thankfully in one piece. For an indoor cat she must have had quite an adventure. But it's good to have her back. Isn't that the way it is in life sometimes? When we lose something it brings us a different perspective. We have the opportunity to think about our attitudes and our feelings. I didn't feel jubilation over losing a pet, but sadness that something terrible could have happened to her. I don't think I will be complaining any more about having too many pets. I won't be adding any either but I won't be complaining. I think I learned a lesson about griping about something that I would not act on. I wouldn't get rid of any of our pets and they are good pets, without causing us troubles. They are affectionate and all get along pretty well with each other. Well, the rabbit gets a little amorous with the cats sometimes and we have to intervene but other than that it's a peaceful zoo. Here is the rundown: Two large dogs, three cats , one bunny and four goldfish the size of a human hand. The fish come inside for the winter but usually live outside in our backyard pond. That's how they get so large; Lot's of space to swim around. The zoo is all together again and I have to admit that I'm happy it turned out this way.

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