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April 28, 2006

What I am currently reading

I think it's good to read widely and don't settle for less. Sometimes I read a lot, sometimes not so much, but in all I keep reading and am not afraid to read different points of view or ideas from different cultures. So just for you insight into my current life, here is what I am currently reading:

The Book of Masks, by Hwang Sun-won, a master of Korean short stories.
Conquering Depression, by Wina Sturgeon
To Celebrate a Time, by Mary Virginia Micka
The Path of Power, by Sun Bear
What every person wants to know about Prayer, by Marilyn Hickey
Frank Lloyd Wright, Writings and Buildings, by Kaufmann and Raeburn
Never Before: Poems about first Experiences.

No matter when you graduate, or even if you don't, continue learning. Continue learning because it's what we do as human beings. Don't settle for less.

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