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May 2, 2006

Time does not move or march on

What if Time doesn't really move as we think? We say things like "Time marches on," "Time waits for no-one," and "Time flies when you're having fun" to describe our view of time. But more and more I've been thinking about these shooting stars flying through life. A shooting star wishes to stop moving just once to be able to savor time in one spot. But instead we march on as time beats a drum for us. Time stands still and observes us keeping track of our movements and achievements and creations. Time always was, is and always will be the same Time. There is no change in time, just changes in those who experience time. We move through it as if we were the ones standing still and time is the one moving. Time waits for everyone because time has all the time in the world. It is we who move on and cannot wait for time. Time doesn't ever catch up to us, because we move faster. Time is not lost but we lose sight of time because of our speed. If we could only slow down and savor time in one spot. Oh Time where did I lose sight of you? Was it this morning when I rolled out of bed to an alarm I set to get more of you, as if grasping at air? There is no more or less Time allotted to anyone. There is only more or less awareness of Time, more or less savoring of time, more or less movement through time. It is a Time that doesn't keep track of itself. Time doesn't mark the seasons or months or hours. We run through changing our form, our minds, our hearts. When will I slow down and savor the moment? Tomorrow morning I think as I stop my movements long enough to see Time in it's natural, unchanging form. In that moment I have all the time in the world.

Posted by carl1236 at May 2, 2006 11:55 PM | Life