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May 8, 2006

Daily Spirit Unplugged

I unplugged from the internet and email for a few days while I traveled to New Mexico for a wedding. My brother's daughter got married in a beautiful ceremony at a winery. You know, it was just a very pleasant time with great people and the weather was also beautiful. I had several opportunities to get onto the internet while there, but I just had no burning need to do so. Blog or no blog, I didn't really have much to talk about, but had a lot to think about. So I thought about things for a weekend and didn't write about them as I was thinking. For my quiet time, I studied Korean and read some short stories from one of my new books. But I did not log-on even once. Nor did I write in my notebook. I guess I was unplugged for a reason. I guess sometimes I need a break from blogging too. So, I went with the flow and it felt good to not think about it for a weekend. It helped me clean out my mind and rethink and refocus what I'm doing in many aspects of my life.

Posted by carl1236 at May 8, 2006 9:17 PM | Blogging


Holy cow - you could have gone online but chose not to? That's some serious intestinal fortitude!

I stopped by the Depot Saturday night on the off chance you might be there but you weren't. Terry was there, though, so we chatted it up a bit. He said you were in regular-ol' Mexico, though. :) You being in New Mexico makes me even more jealous! What part of NM were you in? Man, that place is my heart's home...

Posted by: nathan at May 10, 2006 9:47 AM

Hey Nathan! :-) Namaste! I was in Albuquerque. Very beautiful place. I just love that mountain. The wedding reception was on the side of that mountain, so as we were celebrating we were looking at that. It was very pleasant.
I might have to visit my brother more often.

Posted by: John at May 10, 2006 10:19 PM