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May 23, 2006

I am determined

Last night I was running and hurt my leg, but today I went swimming and it feels much better. This is one of the reasons I wanted to get into a training routine that included swimming, running and biking. I think it's good for the body to have a more well-rounded fitness plan that helps a lot of different muscles. It's more balanced I think than just doing one event. Plus swimming is a low-impact, or no-impact activity, causing no shin splints and other shock-related injuries.
Today I really enjoyed swimming in the pool, but I must admit, I'm exhausted again. Yesterday I biked about 23 miles, ran for about 30-40 minutes or so and today I swam for 30 minutes. My swimming technique is getting better I think, so I'll have to keep practicing it. I'm excited at the prospect of being a better swimmer too.
Tomorrow is biking day...but tomorrow I have no time available. Well, I'm going back to the idea that I should be a morning person. Tomorrow I have to be if I want to get a workout in. How do I get a 45 minute bike ride in when I don't get up until about 7:30am? hmmm. Go to bed early, like now, haha, and get up early. Tomorrow night I won't get back home until around 10pm so it has to be the morning. So this might be a motivation to change me into a morning person. At least for a day. haha. Then Thursday I'll sleep in again because I'll be exhausted. haha.
There was a good article in the paper this week about someone who had trouble keeping a workout schedule because of other duties in life. It is difficult. It takes a lot of dedication and setting it as a higher priority than things like watching American Idol everytime it's on. Not picking on that show in particular but I just read about how some people are addicted to that show so I threw it in here.
I am going to stick with this training program and see what kind of shape I'm in by August, then try a Triathlon. Then my goal is to keep up the training routine through the winter. Let's see how it goes...

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