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May 27, 2006


I'm not talking about physical playing, but spiritual playing. Last
night I was delayed in getting home because I stopped to chat along the
way. The storm clouds were getting darker and moving in fast. As I was
riding my bike I overheard a few guys on the street corner talking
about it. One guy said, "Man, it's going to be a rough one!" The
sky looked ominous and the wind was picking up speed. That's when it
dawned on me that I might have to pull off the road and find a place to
hide from the downpour.
I rode past all of the structures that might provide a quick shelter
but the rain was holding back. I started up the Smith Avenue Bridge and
the clouds winked at me and flashed a smile. I rode on hoping it would
hold off a little longer. I kept pedaling faster, hoping I could still
make it home before it rained, hoping that it would blow over me and
rain on another part of the city. I felt a few drops, then a steady
sprinkle. I thought to myself, "This isn't so bad, It's like a
mist to keep me cool while I pedal harder." Then it rained a little
harder, but by then I had crossed the bridge and was riding along a
tree-lined street and was sheltered from most of the rain. I was nearly
home and I had hopes I could make a mad dash and avoid getting too wet.
I rode on. I rode out to the middle of the street to make a left turn.
That was my street and I was on the home stretch. The clouds let loose
with a thundering laugh and within a block I was totally soaked. I
backed off from pedaling, throwing up my arms, embracing the rain. It
felt so good! It felt like I was a kid again playing in the rain. I
remember how we used to rush outside when the rain came, on purpose!
That was before the acid-rain and the fear of getting our shirts or
shoes wet. That was before responsibility took hold of our senses and
taught us to walk, not run, stay dry at all costs, and to set aside play
as we work like adults are supposed to. The clouds and I chuckled a
little at my memories. I leisurely rode the last block to my house,
enjoying every drop I encountered, enjoying the wetness surrounding me,
flowing over me, rinsing my face and eyes, waking my senses, making me
feel alive and fresh. I was playing in the rain again.

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