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May 31, 2006

Crash, bang, fall over, play dead

On Sunday morning I crashed my bike. It was at the tail end of a hard 30-mile training ride. In that crash I bent my handlebars, cut my hand and left thigh and caused some damage to a car. Everything still functioned on my bike although my left arm now extends a couple of inches further out, so I decided to just ride it that way this morning for a 15-mile ride before work. I was down by Fort Snelling, just coming up to Shepard Road from the park and I got a flat tire on the rear wheel. hmmm. I thought I had my toolkit with me, but no. I was stranded there and started walking, carrying my bike. Thankfully a nice guy stopped to help and gave me a tube and helped me get back on the road. It would have been a long walk back to downtown St. Paul! So I'm thankful for the help.
Then tonight I came to a stop and I got stuck in my clips and lost my balance and fell over, damaging the rear derailer. As I was riding the derailer got stuck in the spokes and bent one. Now my wheel is crooked. After that, it got more interesting because my chain broke. There I sat at 11:35pm in a residential neighborhood on a deserted street under a streetlight putting my chain back together. Yes, I got smart after the flat tire and made sure I had my kit with me tonight. After I put my chain back together and started riding, I get chattering in the front derailer no matter which gear I am in. So it's now a little off. Maybe because of the bent handlebars. Now I have to get some parts and really, seriously repair and tune up this bike!

Posted by carl1236 at May 31, 2006 11:25 PM | Bicycles


You're a maniac! Glad you're still with us.

Posted by: Jim at June 9, 2006 11:30 PM