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June 3, 2006

The Custom Single-Speed-Fixed-Gear Bike

I don't have a name for it yet, but it's coming. A bike of this proportion aught to have a name. Maybe it could be something like "Melvin" because Melvin is a cool dude. I don't know, but tonight I paid for and brought home all the components to make my own single-speed-fixed-gear bike. It will of course have a custom paint job. I am hand-painting this frame and already have the primer, paint and clearcoat to do it.
The pieces I'm starting with:
Frame - old japanese steel frame with nice-looking lugs.
Wheels and hubs - new rims, spokes and rear flip-flop hub - I have to build them
Tires - new 700c x 23c racing tires.
Handlebars - very cool old randenuering bars.

Dave and I are on a mission now to each build our own bikes. He said he would start his when I start mine. Well, today I started by purchasing and bringing it all home to work on. First step? Strip and paint the frame.

Now I have to tell you another story that will be related. I got a bunch of junk bikes dropped in my driveway today and I found another nice frame a little taller than the one I have, so I am going to make that identical to the one I was planning on building so I can try them both. Then I will sell the other one.

So, it's interesting and I'm excited to make these two bikes pieces of art!

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