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July 6, 2006

On the edge of our limits

I am experiencing my physical limits. I am getting stronger and am finding I can go beyond my previous physical limits, but this training is like living on those limits every week. I experienced a couple of 3-day periods of low motivation, but other than that it's mostly physical exhaustion. Don't worry I'm building in rest days too, but between those rest days it's serious training. It is very interesting living an athletes life while still working and trying to do other things. It takes a lot of focus and making it a high priority to train.
The day before yesterday I rode my bike for 28 miles at an average speed of 18.1mph. Yesterday I ran 6.5 miles and swam for a half hour. Today I cycled 10 miles, mostly uphill and swam for 45 minutes. Tomorrow is a running day, Saturday a long bike ride, sunday rest day, Monday a hard 30 mile bike and lake swimming. Tuesday a 6.5 mile run again, a bike ride and maybe another lake swim. Ah the best laid plans... The main thing is I don't want too much time to go between runs or between cycle riding. Alternating days seems to work really well. And swimming seems to help with both. So I'm starting to like this triathlon training and feeling in a lot better shape. I like this better than just training for cycling. It breaks it up a bit. But I'm still tired, haha.

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