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July 11, 2006

Runnin down the road thinking about motivation

Today is a running day in my training schedule. I decided to run later at night when it's cooler, so I was out running after dark. As I was running along I was thinking about what is motivating me to do this. I think I isolated one motivation for keeping going once started. I appear to have a fear of giving up too easily. Is fear a healthy motivator? In the case of survival fear is a good motivator, because it drives us to take action to survive and in many cases it works. We live through the life-threatening situation.
Yes, I have an overall goal and to reach it I know I have to do a minimum of training, and I adjust that constantly as I go along. So I break that down to how much I have to do and what kind of training I have to do each week in order to reach that goal. But that's an overall motivation to get started on it each day. It's easy to quit though and not train enough. But I keep coming back to the thought that I'll get to the time limit of my goal and realize I was too soft on myself and I didn't give it all I have, and realize that it wasn't enough to reach my goal. As I was running, I thought about turning around. It was a good thing I set a target location to turn around. So I stuck to my plan and forced myself to reach that location. I turned around and there was no choice but to run back home. It took me exactly 59 minutes to do this run tonight. I'm glad I didn't quit. I feel good, physically and mentally.

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