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July 28, 2006

I'm Bike Free!

Until the morning when I do something crazy like two-mile time-trial repeats, four times. But it was interesting and eye opening to ditch my bike for two days. Yesterday I walked from Har-Mar Mall to University Avenue and actually saw a lot of people out walking.
I discovered what a super highway Snelling Avenue is. It was ugly. And it's a very unfriendly pedestrian atmosphere. I had no problems walking the walk though since I've been working out. It actually felt kind of good and gave me a chance to think. Today I rode the bus. That was nice also. I got to hear a young girl with one the foulest mouths I've heard. Kind of like the stereotype of an old sailor. Except she must have been about 15. When she got off the bus the whole bus was quiet again as if everyone went back to sleep. It was a little tense in there before that as she kept trying to provoke another young lady on the bus in front of a boy. As soon as the girl got off the bus I saw her light up a cigarette. Then the other girl in the back of the bus started talking about her. She said, "I don't really like her." And the boy agreed.
So, tomorrow it's back on the bike. I'm going to miss the bus with that kind of excitement going on. Today I ran seven miles. It was fun but it almost wiped me out. Now I'd better get some sleep so I can ride in the early morning.

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