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July 29, 2006


Today I took care of myself. I was headed out for a training ride, but my knee hurt. This morning when I woke up I had this pain which wasn't there the night before. But I thought it might work it's way out when I started riding my bike. It persisted. I looked at my watch and saw that I still had time to make it to Jim's shop for his Saturday morning ride. All in all I rode about 35 miles today, but most of it was a leisurely pace and it felt good. I also met some new people and had fun hanging out with them for the morning.
Then I stopped by Harriet Island and chatted with the Pedicab drivers. they were just getting started and I helped them fix a problem with a front derailer not working on one cab. After chatting for a while, I rode up the Ohio hill (very slowly) and then on to home. It was about 11:30am by then and I ate a late breakfast, showered and promptly took a nap. Ohhh and it was a goooood nap. When I woke up it was time for lunch already, haha, so I ate again. Then I did some work around the house, took another nap and it was time for dinner. After dinner I did a little work on the computer and watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie called Marnie, starring Sean Connery. I couldn't believe it. I guess I had not seen any of his early work. I think this movie was made in 1964. It was interesting.
Now here I am, well rested, well fed and ready for bed again. Tomorrow morning is lake swimming. All in all, I'd call this a day of rest and recuperation. I needed that.

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