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August 8, 2006

Changes with age

One thing that happened to me tonight made me think about the changes going on in my body as I get older. As anyone who has been reading my blog I've been getting pretty physical and working out a lot and feel like I've made some incredible gains in the fitness area. But tonight in one instant I hurt my foot so now it hurts to walk. How? By crouching down next to my bike working on the rear derailer. Somehow my left toes bent funny or something and I felt this pain in my toes. now it hurts to put pressure on those toes.
I think this is part of not being well rounded in fitness yet, but more so a sign of the changes that happen to our bodies as we age. Things like that seem to happen a lot easier and our bodies are not as forgiving and do not recover as quickly. Though I'm far from being old, in our general idea of an average human lifespan, I'm no longer a growing teen and I experience the aches and pains of falling apart. I also seem to recover a lot slower than I did when younger.
However, I still have a long way to go to understand sports nutrition and proper, healthy living. So I'm sure there is a lot more I can be doing to minimize injury and make myself as healthy as I can. So I'm stilll on the track to better shape.
Change is inevitable. And I'm willing to accept change, but do I really understand what is changing and why? Sometimes I think we could attribute problems with aging when it's really years of unhealthy living catching up to us. For instance if I were a smoker still I'd probably be feeling much worse than I am now and have a lot less energy to go around. So I'm better off on this goal of good healthy living and general overall fitness.

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