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September 6, 2006

Fifty Things I want the world to know - 3

Everyone has heard the expression that "Life is short." And the advice goes something like, "Live it," or "So don't waste it..." It's true, our physical lifespan IS short relative to eternity, but we are each given an unknown amount of time and when it's gone it's gone. Generally when it's our time to go we go.
In this light, look at ambition, wealth and power. Why is it we work so hard for these when it's all going to vanish on us in a heartbeat? I think we forget our mortality. Like when we are children we think we are invincible. We think we will live forever and we can't wait to grow up to be like the adults we respect.
My great Aunt just passed away and my mom has cancer. As we get older we start to realize what is important, like our families. And we realize that these bodies are all going to become obsolete. Life is not really short, but exactly as long as we have. And that could be tomorrow. So today should stand on it's own merits. As I set my goals and plans for the future I'm always thinking, 'why am I doing this?,' what's most important in life?' I'd like to see everyone take a breather, slow down, think about what is really important in life. Ambition, wealth and power seem shallow and hollow when compared to losing my greart aunt and my mother.

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