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September 7, 2006

And the loss of motivation probably is going to help me

In some strange way, I think my loss of training motivation this week will help me in my triathlon on Saturday. Or is that simply justification for not going out to run. I did a good, hard workout on Saturday, then ran for a few miles at a slow pace on Wednesday at lunchtime and here it is Thursday. I'm not going to run tomorrow, because that would not be smart. But I think I will run for a mile or so to warm up before the swim start. I'll run, set up my transition area again for running, put on my wet suit and then go to the start. Or maybe just warm up in the lake. That's a better idea. But anyway, I've trained hard all summer and now I have no motivation. I'll be motivated to do my best during the race I think. And I know I'll be fully recovered from any previous exercise. So why did I lose motivation after my big race on the 26th? It was fun but I was incredibly exhausted afterwards. Not sore, but exhausted. I think that threw me off balance and I've been having a hard time getting going on exercise since then. Maybe I need to focus more on my recovery nutrition and exercises. Maybe shorter, smaller easier workouts or something would help. I'll try that next week. So, my big race is Saturday morning at the Square Lake Triathlon: 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike, 5 mile run. Be there, be square. hehe.

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