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September 29, 2006

I found some Hwa-Tu Cards, let's play!

I now have a set of Korean Hwa-Tu cards (Japanese Hanafuda, or flower cards)! I found them at Kim's Market on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul for $2.49.
So tonight I bought some Kimchi, Jasmine rice and Hwa-tu cards and learned to play the game. It was a bit confusing at first, but the instructions I found online were pretty extensive so we were able to figure it out. And they were right, it is an easy game once you learn the scoring combinations.
Either I didn't catch on quick enough to the strategies of the game or I had really bad luck, because I got whooped, ending the game with zero points! But now I have my first taste of a common Korean game. I can also play it with my friends who are studying Japanese, with a few slight variations in scoring.
If anyone wants to meet for coffee and a game of Hwa-Tu just let me know! It would be fun.

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