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October 14, 2006

Artist Trading Cards

Today I received the second Artist Trading Card (ATC) in exchange for the one's I made last Spring. That was fun. I'm now looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with other creative people. I was not disappointed by the creativity in this card. My collection is started, with my four cards, one card I got from someone who I talked to at the Craftstravaganza and one who found my cards through this blog. If anyone else makes these let me know and I'd be happy to trade.
I also have the idea to organize an Artist Trading Card workshop and swap at a local coffee shop, probably in St. Paul, since I live in St. Paul. My friend and I put on several artist workshops where we took over a coffee shop for a half a day and ate, drank coffee and created artwork together with a theme. It was really fun and successful, so I think an Artist Trading Card session would be equally as fun and rewarding for everyone involved. Just smaller artwork. It may even be more accessible for more people given that many people don't really feel comfortable painting.
So what do you think? Would you attend if I organized and held such a workshop? Do you have any creative blood in you? Do you want to make stuff and trade with others? Do you want to meet creative, crafty new people? If this interests you, let me know. I'll set one up sometime this winter.

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