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October 23, 2006

The beginning of a second week on my new job

It seems that I have more motivation on a new job to do well. There are many reasons I think for this. Some of them are fear of failure, feeling a need to live up to my perceived expectations, a desire to do really well, a desire to get into the groove as quickly as possible and other reasons. I AM more motivated and it feels good. I want to work hard! I hardly notice the day flying by. Plus, I'm starting to feel more at home now, so I'm getting down to business. I'm not as confused and overwhelmed with new faces, names and locations anymore so I can focus on doing a good job now. Some people get really motivated by new situations. There is a lot of energy that comes out of a new, fresh environment. That's one reason people go away for their vacations instead of sticking around town. Some people really love working temp or contract jobs for this same reason. Everything is fresh and becomes fresh again. My breakthrough really came on Saturday. Friday I was still feeling a little overwhelmed. But on Saturday I went into work and organized myself for monday. I brought some more of my reference books in and reviewed my notes for the week and got an automation program working that I needed for my project. That made me feel more in control and more at home there.
This is how I feel as I begin my second week on my new job. And it feels good!

Posted by carl1236 at October 23, 2006 8:35 PM | motivation