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November 11, 2006

At the end of the day

At the end of the day we have to feel good about ourselves. Today a friend said this to me. Sometimes we do things just because at the end of the day we have to feel good about ourselves. Sometimes we do things just because they need to be done. And because we need to do them.
I don't know. Today I felt like I had to get some things accomplished. I did my best but I did not complete my tasks. I did some good things; worked on my bike which sorely needed it, worked on my programming tasks, took a nap, Ate lunch with the guys at the bike shop, and watched a movie. But I did not finish my programming task. I planned on going into work and implementing this small program on Sunday, but it doesn't look like it will work out the way I planned. I will spend all day on Sunday working on it. I just don't get why this is so difficult to understand. I'm so close to understanding but so far away. tomorrow I will solve this problem. And on Monday I'll implement it and save dozens of hours of work time. And in the long run, this software automation will be reused for other tasks. It will help me meet my deadlines for the project I'm working on. So at the end of the day, I have to feel good about myself. A few years ago I could have written this program in a matter of hours. Now I do not understand what I have forgotten. Now I will relearn and feel good about it. But it's kind of stressful to put myself under this kind of pressure. But sometimes solving problems under pressure is part of the solution to feeling good about ourselves when it's all said and done isn't it? When the day is over, did we do our best? If not, then tomorrow we have to. At least that's who I am. I have to. I'm happy with the results of the day, but I'm also looking forward to solving the problems I did not resolve today. At the end of the day we still have to feel good about ourselves. It leads to the next present moment of existence we will go through.

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