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November 18, 2006

The experience of giving a haircut for free.

Today I gave a haircut to a friend, using my Wald haircutting equipment which I bought to give myself haircuts. After giving myself enough haircuts to pay for the clippers, I decided it would be fun to share the wealth with others. So a long time ago I made an offer to give haircuts for free. It was kind of a funny, quirky thing to do, but I did it. No one took me up on the offer until recently though when my neigbor and then my friend Eric decided to do it. Haha, this one was an easy job though because he has short hair like me and just needed a cleanup. Thanks for the great evening Eric! That was fun hanging out and chatting and having dinner and talking bikes, computers and food stuff.
Now that makes haircut number two for someone other than myself. Anyone else want a free haircut? I'm sharing my wealth. Come on. It's free. Actuallly, it was really fun to touch base with Eric and see what he was up to and to just chat. Life can be fun and interesting when we treat each other well and with respect.

For reference here are my orignal posts concerning my haircutting adventures:

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Hey, John, I finally got to your blog!! Cool, that you have fun doing things like that. I might consider the offer, though when and where I don't know. And no, I haven't posted to my own blog again since Thursday, but I shall do so more often. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. I think I will, though I can actually have *two* now. I have made arrangements to go to a local church with a group here at Mary Hall, and today, I got a turkey in church. I wasn't originally going to go up and get one, but one of the Spiritual Board members urged me to do so, so I did. I am going to try to cook it either Thursday or Friday. It should keep that long, since it was frozen when I got it this afternoon.

Well, enough for now. Write me at my email if you want to, as well. David has it, and should be able to give it to you. I will tell him he can when I hear from him.


Posted by: Steve at November 19, 2006 7:26 PM