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November 27, 2006

Spiritual Truth

What is truth anyway? Haha, everything is relative it seems! Truth to some people is a lie to others, depending on how we each view things. So what makes a good spiritual truth. I started compiling a list today:
1. Transcends time and space - applies equally to us now as it did centuries ago. The beatitudes are a good example: 'love your neighbor as yourself..' 'do to others as you'd like done to you'
2. Works even when under pressure. Maybe that's when they work the best? I don't know, if a person is transformed inside, they don't go around hatin' and beatin' on gay people or their wives, and road rage would not exist.
3. Applies to all people - All people can apply the truth. Even a developmentally delayed person. ie. Love your neighbor as yourself. Be nice to other people. Be nice to animals. Don't be greedy or selfish. Try your best.

Posted by carl1236 at November 27, 2006 9:09 PM | Knowing God