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December 11, 2006

Branding as Punishment

Wiping out is bad enough, but when we crash on a bike, we wear the crash like a brand. My co-worker took a curb cut at an angle this morning and wiped out because it was slippery. He was shaken, but thankfully had no broken bones. He did have some nice road rash on his arm though. That's going to leave a mark.
So here's my wisdom for slippery conditions. Haha, but I reserve the right to be branded if the road arises to the occasion.

1. Take slippery slopes head on.
2. While turning corners slow down, keep your bike upright while shifting body weight instead of leaning into the curve.
3. Stay alert. ;-)

Posted by carl1236 at December 11, 2006 10:38 PM | Winter-Biking