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December 12, 2006

I finished my card game

I finished making a special deck of cards for my Korean Hangul/Hanja studies. Due to this project becoming extremely complex quickly, I narrowed the focus to the dual number systems, Pure Korean and Sino-Korean. Now I have a set of mock-up cards I can play with to further test and develop learning games for myself and others. Hey, just making the cards I learned most of the characters by heart, so maybe the making of the game is a good way to learn. Just wait until I start playing games with them! I may never be able to forget these Hanja characters. ever.
So I ended up with 21 sets of three cards for a total of 63 cards. With this deck I can play games like rummy, go fish, matching games like concentration, solitaire (putting the numbers in order?) etc. Each set contains three cards, one for the Native Korean word, the Hanja character and the Hangul pronunciation of the Hanja. I combined two different card designs I found into one to make the cards more versatile. Each card shows the other cards in the set along the side. There is no english language anywhere on the cards.
I need a good catchy title in Korean for my numbers game cards so I can make the back. Maybe something simple like the Hanja for the word "Number(s)."
Since I don't have a language partner, I have to design games I can play by myself but also that I can teach to others quickly so If I have the opportunity to play with someone else studying Korean, the barriers are low.

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