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December 15, 2006

Where do dreams happen?

The happening of a dream is in the struggle for it. In a dream I studied Korean for dozens of years and woke up one day in Korea and realized that I have never left, but my flight for America leaves in two hours and I still can't remember the phrase for "Where is the hotel?" Then on the flight to America I pulled out my RUSSIAN phrase book and began rehearsing the lines. It all seemed so natural, until the plane landed in America, the jolt startled me and I woke up in my bed in St. Petersburg. Wow, what a strange dream I thought. I must have drank a little too much the night before. I shook it off, made a cup of turkish coffee and began to read the newspaper. I thought there was something odd about the paper but couldn't place it. I just kept reading and enjoying the words as if they were old friends. I looked at the date on the paper and realized it would soon be Sylvester and I was expected to go with Tomas to a party. I really didn't feel like it. I stil felt hung over, and a little rattled by my dreams. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion.
I thought that I should really get out of this rut i'm in. Maybe take a trip across Russia to Korea or something. That would be fantastic! But I would have to study Russian and Korean first in order to get along in those countries. Where would I even begin? Then I remembered the Russian phrase book in my pocket. When I reached in I pulled out my passport and the phrase book. I didn't remember getting my passport to Russia and Korea but there It was. I began feverishly studying every word in the phrase book. I was devouring the words like they were my only source of sustenance. And I was still hungry for more. After a while, not even realizing how much time had passed I was gently awaken by a steward. Sir, we are almost about to land, please buckle your seatbelt. I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach and sweat was beading up on my forhead. About to land? Where? The last thing I knew I was in my hometown of Muenster, Germany, reading the paper. I tried to call for the steward but they all seemed to be gone. For an extremely long time, the plane circled preparing to land. I waited, I looked for clues, but nothing helped. I asked the passenger next to me what was going on and she responded that I must be crazy, and how could a person get on a plane and not know where they were going? "It's a long flight to Korea, you'd better get some sleep, she said." Somehow I was on my way back home. I didn't even remember the trip to America. I remembered some weird dream about drinking vodka and waking up with a hangover. The plane circled around but wasn't landing. I was beginning to worry. When the plane finally landed I saw the familiar sights of Seoul. I could smell it, and almost taste grandmother's kimchi. I thought, some day I will have to go back to America, but I'm glad to be home. The sun came up and I slowly woke up. Shaking my head I shut off the tv and went to bed. The TVK, Korean news had just ended and my Korean flashcards had fallen all over the floor. I had stayed up studying too late and now I was really tired. Good thing it was Saturday. I have the weirdest dreams when I eat too much kimchi. But it tastes so good!
In life sometimes we don't know where we are going to land so it's best to practice our dreams every day. Then it won't matter which flight we get on, we'll be ready when it happens. We cannot feel unprepared for the future because we are making it as we live the present. The plane will land just the same and the flight will already be done. Life is a process and dreams happen as part of the process of living. One day we wake up and realize that, yes, we really had a good life. There was nothing to fear after all. Wow, but it was fun!

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