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January 7, 2007

Flash Fiction Number 1 - The Fortune

My first attempt at Flash Fiction of 100 words. That number mainly because I could not see how I could slash any more off and still have the story I wanted. It's kind of corny I guess but it works. It took me several hours to write and re-write this. I think it will be easier the more I do it.

The Fortune

Jason Grobach’s fortune read, “You will become very wealthy.? But sitting in crazy Aunt Mitch’s remote village, no sign of the inheritance he came to retrieve, he doubted it.
Searching for clues, he read her journals but found only her friends and neighbors. They loved Mitch, and she loved them. “Life is the process we share,? she wrote. Life was in her blood.
Jason returned to his old job renewed, moved by the lessons of Mitch; by his new friends. Though he never found the money he dreamed of, the fortune was true. A life well-shared is worth much more.

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