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January 7, 2007

Flash Fiction Number 2 - Dog Found

In This month's issue of the Writer, there is an article by Harvy Stanbrough titled, Sharpen your Skills with flash fiction. He said, "Once you've become hooked on this form, it will be difficult to stop." He was right. It's fun and challenging. And there are a lot of people doing it. I found a lot of examples on the internet and books for sale with short-short story compilations. So today I wrote my second Flash Fiction piece, again at exactly 100 words with a title of less than five words. It is fun and challenging figuring out how to convey the same meaning with fewer words.

Dog Found

I nailed a big sign in the front facing the street. “Dog Found, call…?
Once my dog endured hip surgery when hit by a car. And another time a night in doggy jail. This loving creature fell asleep, curled up at my feet.
But beauty didn’t transfer well to the owner pounding on my door. She snarled, “How dare you keep it! It comes back on it’s own!?
“But his safety,? I stammered. She yanked it out the door.
I stared after her, cheapened by the scolding. My choice will stand higher, but I feel sorry for the Dog Found.

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