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March 31, 2007

Out with the old books, in with the New

I have learned that some things about me have not changed in my entire life. I don't know if I was born with these traits or it's something I've learned along the way. Some of it most likely comes from my training in the military many years ago.
Over the last several weeks I have been cleaning out my living spaces of clutter and old, unused items. At the same time I discovered Twincitiesfreemarket.org mailing list where people post things they have to give away and you get an email notification. I get about 28 emails per day, so it's kind of like spam if you are not interested in the items people are giving away. But anyway, I wanted to try giving something away. As I was cleaning in my library, I saw a whole shelf of books I never use anymore. Old C and C++ programming books. God it seems like a life-time ago when I last used those books. It was too. 1989 to 2000 were years of intense learning for me. I became an expert in CAD very quickly and dove into Computer programming with a frenzy. I bought all of these books, took a few classes, and mostly taught myself to program. It worked until I discovered that I didn't really like the way the software worked, or how tedious it was, or that I really wasn't interested in writing computer programs for a living. I was more interested in the objects I was designing than the code in the software used to design. Thus my current direction in my career.
What has not changed about me is the intensity of my studies in any particular area. When I get something in my mind to do, I am a learner. "One is taught in accordance with one's ability to learn," has special meaning for me, because it's how I work. I don't blame other people, especially Teachers for my inability to learn something. Because it is not their responsibility to do something with what they are teaching. If I can't use what I'm learning, it's my fault not theirs. My intensity of learning also brought me to the point of purchasing a few new books in the areas of Civil Design, Project Management, and Leadership and High performance teams. I'm on a mission and the intensity increases.
In this way I have not changed. I'm not so sure I want to change that because it's fun and fulfilling. But what I am changing is that I am more willing to abandon areas of study or work that I am not really interested in. Instead of holding on to a career that I'm not really interested in staying in, I retrain. I get new books, new focus and new intensity. I also let go. I didn't always do that. But now I am giving away old books. Yesterday I gave away three of them to someone with an intensity to learn everything about programming. Today I am going in to work to study and practice lessons from one of my new Civil design books. Out with the old, in with the new.

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