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April 19, 2007

For lack of a better system, I got started

This falls under the category Change by Will.

Change requires an change agent doesn't it? One force acts on another and there is a reaction of some kind and an effect or effects. Change occurs in one force or the other or both and maybe even the surrounding objects. Maybe my description is crude, but in my view change is basically cause and effect. So at work I'm trying to implement personal change in order to accomlish what I was hired to do. I realized right away I did not have the skills, knowledge or wisdom to to tackle the challenge ahead. I began to study project management and improve my technical skills. Six months later, I'm still working on it.
But right from the beginning I started keeping a daily work journal. It's already proven very useful, but now I'm finally getting around to doing what I meant to do all along. I'm creating a weekly summary of what I did with an ongoing task/completion list. The next logical step is to take the time to reflect on my week, plan for the next week and look back at the big picture. Why am I here?
I answer that by accomplishing what I was hired to do. And for that I needed to change.

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